Track Review : "The Void" by Das Mörtal

The musical genius who brought you the Hotline Miami II EP you know and love has a broodier take on synthwave that isn't entirely "Dark Synth" ; at least that's what I thought at first before hearing this new track.

Favorites of mine can make a list look a bit biased, but truthfully it's for good reason. I know off the top of my head I have around 10 tracks by Das Mörtal distributed through each of my synthwave Spotify playlists.

Keep following along and I'll link you to some of his most notable hits and personal favorites.

So, we haven't heard from Das Mörtal in awhile, and as I was driving, I received the notification I wasn't expecting : "New Track released by Das Mörtal!"

I might've swerved a tad in excitement and I had to press play as soon as possible. I know, I shouldn't have phone in hand while driving. "The Void" would've been my death song if I wasn't too careful!

What's even more crazy is this was a perfectly coincidental experience, because just this morning, I shared a track by Das' on my Instagram Story!

In case you didn't know - I feature one track per day on my Insta' and it's been doing rather well! I've gotten mentions from Neon Nox, Gost, and a few others and that made my inner squealing Fan Girl very happy.

Anyway, enough shameless plugs, let me link you to this new track below. Listen with me, and make your own opinion. In the mean time, I'd like a chance to give this one an honest review. Here goes!

I gotta say, I wasn't expecting this much bass and the underground nightclub feel of this track makes it different than most by Das Mörtal. I was really connecting with this groove and trying to recognize it if I hadn't known it was by the same artist that gave us The Killing , The Curse, and Risking My Life. Taking a few more times to listen to it, I can reminisce on some of Das Mortal's older sound and appreciate the uniqueness he brings to his music. I'm used to most by Das' to have some sense of what I like to call, "The Soundtrack of a Successful Serial Killer" sound. This time with this track in particular, this feels darker, it sounds darker, it's got a foreboding, epic chase sort of vibe. It surprises me and it intrigues me on another level. Is Das Mörtal going for a Darker-Synth sound? If so, this is one hell of a debut on the "Neo" Das Mörtal.

I am looking forward to listening to the entire album once officially released. I can't help but wonder; Is there going to be more bass, more minor chords, more merging with the new Das Mörtal and fading out the old? Regardless, I'll be certain to post a full album review when it's hot off the synth and in my bandcamp shopping cart. ♥

I also can't wait to hear Das Mörtal LIVE with Dance with the Dead and Magic Sword on their 2020 tour! I am already planning my concert-wear and I keep trying to decide; Hotline Miami theme? Or something original?

Check to see if they're going to be playing near you by clicking HERE!

Anyway, once again, don't forget to follow, share this track amongst friends, comment your predictions and opinions below or wherever, and wait patiently with me for the next big release by Das Mörtal!

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