Track Review : "Flying Through Time" by I am the Sword Master

There I was, an aspiring synthwave music journalist, contacting Dominic of I am the Sword Master about reviewing their music for a piece to be posted right here, on Cyber Drive Radio.

For who? For the fans. For the growing populous of all things within the realm of synthwave. To which we know, has an enormous variety of genres and inner pathways of sub genres.

It is as eclectic as it is electric, and that, my fellow readers, is why we keep listening.

Onward to the official review of a recent track by, I am the Sword Master. "Flying Through Time".

My first impression of this track was the melodic bass that seemed tribalistic, like a retro ritual about to begin. Portals of percussion opening a world beyond comparison.

My ears resounded with the drums and the sway of my hips followed that beat into the vocal harmony of the singer, Vanessa. Coaxing me into the future.

This husband and wife collaborative is straight up #marriagegoals

Their talent together is unmatched and one can't help but admire their musical chemistry.

This track is great for your very own futuristic action sequence.

Either you're blasting through space escaping a dystopian planet, or gearing up in your favorite 80s badass leather jacket, with gun cocked and ready for action. Singing in perfect synchronicity of the warbling laser beams that illuminate the slick city streets. 

You can't help but feel immersed in these vibes.

Here on Cyber Drive Radio, we appreciate talent, respect, and new fresh ideas from the artists and producers that help create our favorites and like us fans, are inspired by the genre as a whole. 

All in all, I enjoyed the track! What about you? Comment below and let us know your thoughts!

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