Track Review : "Come Alive" by Ace Buchannon

When I asked Ace Buchannon for a chance to review one of their recent works on my web radio, I was overwhelmed with support!

 "Cyber Drive Radio? That is awesome!" I was gassed you guys. 

Ace promptly provided me with a true gem, "Come Alive" featuring Anne Moore with her beautiful, echoing vocals. 

I started playing this track on repeat, and got to writing. 

Nothing brings me greater joy than hearing a combination of sax, synth, and fantastic vocals.

The lyrics themselves speak so loudly to my core. Uplifting, emotional, defying all concept of worry. What even are worries when you have that sax blaring through your speakers? They're long gone and forgotten. I won't miss them.

Ace Buchannon captures the quintessential voice and sound we all miss from the 80s while simultaneously putting his own touch and uniqueness on his masterpieces.

Dragging us out of our deepest, darkest corners, and opening our ears to the only past we want to hang onto ; that retro electro rhythm. The keytar. The sax. The drums. The vocals. The synth. All of it. For the sake of goosebumps, chills, excitement... I know that you know the feeling!

You just want to get into your car and drive, play the music loud enough for everyone to hear, and never look back!

I love this track. It's still repeating. It's been 15 minutes. 

I might not turn it off right away.

I have 3 synthwave playlists with at least 50 songs on each of them. This one is going to be added to my 4th playlist. I call it , Passion at the Disco.

If you want to listen to Ace Buchannon, play it loud and proud. Visit these social links below! Soundtrack your life, it'll be worth your while.